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Produce Display Cart, Foldable, Telescopic


  1. KD design, save freight, easy assembly
  2. Adjustable depth, for either 3 RPC containers or 4 RPC containers
  3. First RPC container could be adjusted to flat;
  4. Casters with lock, it can move out to clean floor and lock in place;
  5. Side lock to fix between carts;
  6. Different sign holder
  7. ABS end cap is optional
  8. RPC container is optional


Supermarket Rack For Produce Display, Mobile and Extension

This supermarket rack cart is made of tubes with casters providing a best way to display produce. It is simple designed, cheap with great functions.

Design & Functions

The racks are packaged folded and ship to store. It is only one step to set up. No need of any tools. There are casters with locks then you are able to remodel the floor layout easily. The carts are locking to each other. On the tilt top, you are able to display 3 pieces of RPC containers. Or 4 pieces of RPC containers when extended. There are dividers on the tilt top to prevent the RPC container to pushing each other by gravity.

Especially, the front extension is able to display on flat rather than the tilt top. An extension is possible to display 3 or one extra RPC container.


Powder Coating finish;

Black or customized color;


  1. Sign holder is an optional;
  2. ABS end cap is an optional;
  3. Foldable RPC container with 2 different deep;

Package & Installation

Set of 2 package, save space and freight.

One step installation — just need to connect the rear support and the tilt top by a pin.

Displays In the Supermarket
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Fruit Display Cart
Supermarket Rack For Produce Display
Supermarket Rack For Produce Display
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Additional information

Product Name

Fruit And Vegetable Display Cart

Main Material

Steel Tube

Sizes & Weight

603(W) x 1232(D) x 1070(H) mm;

Product Finish

Powder Coating Finish


Medium Duty


Adjustable Depth, Folding


Single Layer

Packaging Details

Carton Package

Place Of Origin

Guangdong, China

Delivery Time

35 Days

Finish Colors

Black or Customized


C Store, Grocery, Supermarket

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