Adjustable Bakery Rack End Section


  1. Wood decor on shelves front and gondola;
  2. Adjustable height at all pattern holes on gondola;
  3. Adjustable angle shelves;
  4. 4 tiers of shelves;
  5. Wood PTM on shelf front;
  6. Adjustable feet for all floor;
  7. Sign Holder;
  8. Shelves end stop on both sides;

Adjustable Bakery Rack End Section

The end Bakery Rack is a single side with a sign holder for the end of island display. There are 4 shelves with different depth.

The brackets are adjustable to display at 3 angles, include horizontal. You can adjust the height by hooking into holes through the height of gondola.

It uses hardwood price tag mold and wood decorative gondolas provide the customers a good impression of the display.

Bakery Department Display Solution
Adjustable Bakery Rack End Section
Bakery Display Racks

Additional information

Product Finish

Epoxy coating (metal)

Main Material

Hard Wood, Steel

Sizes & Weight


Finish Colors

Black and Wood Original

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