Adjustable Bakery Display Rack Island


  1. Wood decor
  2. Adjustable height;
  3. Adjustable angle;
  4. Double sides with 4 tiers of shelves on each side;
  5. Wood PTM;
  6. Adjustable feet;
  7. Sign Holder
  8. Shelves end stop;

Adjustable Bakery Display Rack Middle Section

The middle section bakery display rack is a part of the island bakery display. There are 4 tiers of shelves on both sides and total 8 shelves. All Shelves are adjustable at angle or height all along the height of the gondola. There are high quality wood slats as decorative and wood PTM on front of the shelves. And the feet are adjustable to stand steady and stable on different floor. Connector to fix different rack on the base to be organized. Shelves on same level and angle can also be aligned with a pin so all shelves looks organized.

Please view another part of the island by click the link Bakery Rack End Section.

Wooden Bread Display Rack
Adjustable Bakery Display Rack Middle Section
Bakery Display Rack | DoPlus

Additional information

Product Name

Bakery Display Island

Main Material

Steel and Solid Wood

Sizes & Weight

48L x 38W x 50.3H – Inch;


Medium Duty

Delivery Time

35 Days


Multi-Layers, Adjustable


Four Layers

Place Of Origin

Guangdong, China

Product Finish

Powder Coating Finish

Finish Colors



Bakery Display

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Bakery Display

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